About Ravencoin Meet Up

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What is Ravencoin Meetup?

Ravencoin Meetup is a specialized platform to support the Ravencoin community.

It was created by community member RealBokito to help support and promote the first Ravencoin Europe Meetup at Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 in RAI, Amsterdam. Today, there are many Ravencoin communities around the world, with 100s and sometimes even 1000s of community members.

Our goal is to scale out the Ravencoin Meetup website into a service for community members to sign up, create, promote and RSVP/Register for a meetup.

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Community members can submit their Ravencoin meetup information manually. DM RealBokito#8574 on the Ravencoin Discord for more information.

For updates follow Ravencoin Meetup on Twitter or Facebook.